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We Are Now Scheduling Interviews for the 2014 - 2015 School Year
elcome Teachers / Educators

The recruitment team at K12 Recruiters helps qualified educators secure some of the best jobs available.  We serve Teachers, Counselors, Library/Media Specialists and Administrators at all levels of experience, from recent graduates to those with many years in the classroom.  K12 Recruiters is here to help those candidates who are serious about finding a new job.  We provide personal attention to help candidates secure the jobs they desire. Our Recruitment Specialists match you with appropriate jobs, refer you to schools, help arrange interviews, resolve questions, and get you offers – WE GET YOU HIRED!

Who Qualifies  (read more)
In order to qualify for our representation, educators must meet the following requirements:


    • Certified, or enrolled in an Alternative Certification Program and have letter of eligibility
    • Posses a complete credential file as described below
    • Have good teaching recommendations
    • Demonstrate by way of interview and references that you are a caring and dedicated educator who really desires to promote student achievement
    • U.S. citizen or hold current U.S. work authorization 

 The Process


        * Resume, cover letter, certificate, reference list, recommendation letters, transcripts 
        * See Credential Files page for helpful info

* Your application is promptly reviewed and matched with current job openings.  When a match is identified, our Recruitment Specialists will contact you with details of the position and confirm your interest, then work to schedule an interview for you with a School Administrator.   Follow up calls are made to resolve questions and work towards getting you a job offer.  

The Value
Whenever you engage professional services, there is a cost for the value provided. With K 12 Recruiters, we provide value by helping you GET A TEACHING JOB! A placement fee is payable if you ACCEPT a job within a school where we have referred you. There is NO COST to apply and see what opportunities we have for you, or to interview with schools where we refer you. If a job is offered to you, then you decide if you feel it is the right opportunity for you. If you decide to accept, then the placement fee applies. If you decline the offer, no fee is due.

We work with schools in these states:
Illinois, Missouri, Texas
If you live outside of these states, you must be willing and able to relocate.



* To Jump Start your job search, complete the Application Form and Placement Agreement.  Remember to send your credential documents!
* Your application file will be promptly reviewed and matched with current job openings.  When a match is identified, you will be immediately contacted with job details.  

How you learned of K12 Recruiters:
 If referred by friend or associate, whom may we thank for the referral:  
First Name:
Middle Name / Initial:
Last Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Social Security #:
U.S. citizen or have proof of work authorization:
Grades / Subjects Preferred:
Location Preferred:
Sports I can coach or assist:  
 Extra-curricular activities or clubs:  
Language(s) spoken other than English
Teaching Strengths:
How do you intend to reach every child in your class?
List types of schools you are open to working in -
Public - Charter - Independent Private - Religious Private
If open to religious private schools, what is your religious affiliation:  
State(s) where certified:
Type (fully certified, provisional, alternative, etc.):
Grades / Subjects certified to teach:
Bachelor's Degree:
College or University name:
Major / Minor:
Degree Date:
Masters Degree:
University name (Master's):
Major (Master's):
Degree Date (Master's):
Beginning Teachers-include student teaching
Job 1  -  Dates:
School / District:
Grades / Subjects Taught or Admin Position held:
Extra-Curriculars - Job 1:
Reason for leaving:
Job 2 -  Dates:
School / District - Job 2:
Grades / Subjects Taught or Admin Position held - Job 2:
Extra-Curriculars - Job 2:
Reason for leaving - Job 2:
REFERENCES-Educational Supervisors
Reference #1 Name:
Phone #'s:
 Email address:  
How Reference #1 knows you:
Reference #2 Name:
 Phone #'s for Reference #2:  
Email address for Reference #2
How Reference #2 knows you:

A).  Are you presently being investigated or under a procedure to consider your discharge for misconduct by your present employer, or have you resigned due to a misconduct investigation or to avoid a misconduct discharge?

B).  Have you ever been discharged or asked to resign from a prior position?                    

C).  Other than a minor traffic offense, have you ever been convicted of a crime, or ever      entered a plea of guilty or "no contest", or has any court ever deferred further  proceedings without entering a finding of guilty and placed you on probation?

D).  Have you ever failed to be reappointed to a teaching position?                                        

If yes to any of above, please explain in detail, including dates, charges, actions.


 In consideration of the professional services to be performed by
Education Specialties, LLC/dba K12 Recruiters,
I agree as follows:


· I am seeking employment and engage the services of K12 Recruiters (Agency) for assistance.
· There is no charge for application, job referrals or job interviews.                   
· If I accept employment a Placement Fee Commission is payable.


When I accept a position where the Agency has been instrumental, I will pay the Agency a Placement Fee Commission (fee) for services provided.  Fee is based on the total compensation (before deductions) to be earned during the first 12 months of employment.  Fee is owed upon ACCEPTANCE of an EMPLOYMENT OFFER.


         · REDUCED FEE: 10%  - Single Payment
If I pay the full fee within 10 days of Acceptance, I qualify for the Reduced Fee.

· STANDARD FEE: 12%  -  Paid Monthly
If I do not pay the full fee within 10 days of Acceptance, the Standard Fee applies.

The Standard Fee is to be paid in 12 or fewer monthly installments, beginning the month after Acceptance. Monthly payments will be made by credit or debit card pre-authorized for a specified day of each month.


I will notify the Agency of my ACCEPTANCE of EMPLOYMENT within 2 business days.  

· ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance means the VERBAL or WRITTEN agreement by me with an employer to begin work. 

· INSTRUMENTAL: I agree the services of the Agency will have been
"instrumental" in securing a position where the Agency has notified me of a position with the employer where I accepted employment, whether I secure the same position referred to or a different position, so long as acceptance occurs within 12 months from the date of the job referral notification.   

· PLACEMENT AFTER THE START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR: In this case, the fee is based  on the compensation for the balance of the school year, and if I return the next school year, an additional amount that will make the total equal to the commission for a full 12 month period.

· PRIOR APPLICATION: If I have made application to an employer and thereafter the Agency notifies me that a position is open at that same employer, I will immediately inform the Agency of prior application and date.
· EARLY TERMINATION: If the employer terminates my employment for cause or I voluntarily resign, the full placement fee is owed. If after acceptance of a position I fail to start work as agreed, then 50% of the placement fee is due. If the employer eliminates the position through no fault of mine, the fee shall be pro-rated according to the salary actually earned.

· LATE PAYMENT PENALTIES: (A) Charge for any payment 15 days late: 10% of past due amount or $20.00, whichever is less.   (B) Payment 30 days late: I authorize the Agency to take appropriate steps to collect the full amount of the fee plus 25% over and above the employment service fee, as collection fee, plus all other costs of collection including court costs, should it be necessary to obtain counsel, a collection service, or resort to court action to collect said fee.

· COMMUNICATIONS: I agree to receive job referral notices and billing statements  by email.  I agree to communicate in a timely manner with the Agency, and to notify the Agency when and where a position is secured through this Agency, or other means. I agree that all information supplied by the Agency is EXCLUSIVE FOR ME and will be kept strictly confidential.

· AUTHORIZATION: I authorize the Agency to investigate my educational background, employment experience, references, financial responsibility, credit report and educational qualifications, to evaluate the information obtained and to relay it to prospective employers. To do this, I will provide my social security number to Agency.  I hereby specifically release the Agency from any and all responsibility or liability in these actions.  By signing this Contract I certify the truthfulness of all statements made to the agency and understand that it is unlawful to make false or misleading statements to an Employment Agency either orally or in writing regarding education, training, experience, or references.  I acknowledge that the information given to me by the Agency relative to prospective employment is given in good faith.  This contract shall be interpreted under the laws of the state of Missouri and I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of St. Louis County in the State of Missouri for all matters to the interpretation and enforcement. 
· It is my responsibility to personally investigate the school and community before giving acceptance.

· The Agency does not control any employer; does not guarantee to produce a position; does not guarantee permanency of a position, suitable working conditions, the fulfillment of any promises made by the employer or other conditions of employment..
· I understand and agree that I am liable and responsible for the payment of any  placement fee regardless of any arrangement that I may make with my employer.

I Accept and Agree to These Terms:
PRINT FULL NAME- Electronic Signature:
 Date Completed:  
If I accept a position through K12 Recruiters, I plan to pay the placement fee as follows: